Sony A7 II 5-axis stabilisation: how it works

Every camera manufacturer has its own brand of image stabilisation system. Most use mechanisms inside the lens, where gyroscopic sensors detect any camera movement and drive motors that shift an internal lens element to correct it. The trouble is, according to Sony, that these only counteract certain types of movement, namely pitch and yaw

Updated: Windows Phone 10 release date, news and features

Windows Phone 9 introduction Windows Phone 8 is well over a year old now, yet until recently we knew very little about Windows Phone 10. Originally it was expected to be with us by the end of 2013 as it was thought that Microsoft may adopt the annual software cycle made popular by Apple in an attempt to keep its mobile OS fresh and, more importantly, relevant

Five free programs to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving! A day to be thankful for all the great things we’ve been blessed with (or just another rainy Thursday in November if you’re not in the US, but stick with me here). So we here at TechRadar thought it would be the perfect opportunity to round up five free programs we’re truly thankful for. These are some of our favourite apps, the best free software we reckon is available today.

Industry voice: Managing your online reputation

The marketing industry has quickly responded to social media by using specialist online reputation management agencies to banish critical articles or customer comments to the back pages of the Google search results. However, technology businesses should take proactive, preventative steps themselves to achieve two key goals – protecting their reputation and reducing their exposure to risk. Engaging with customers through social media often means that user-generated content (“UGC”) will appear on a business’ website or social media page and could take any number of forms including text, still or moving images or sound clips.

Updated: iPad Air 2 release date, news and features

iPad Air 2 release date, news and features Apple’s latest flagship tablet, the iPad Air 2 , is here and it’s sporting that familiar 9.7-inch display and an even slimmer body. Tim Cook took to the stage in Cupertino to give us the low down of its newest tablet, alongside the new iPad Mini 3 . We’ve gathered together all the key information on Apple’s new tablet for you to digest in one place, so please read on.

Microsoft to show off Windows 10′s consumer features at January event

Microsoft showed off Windows 10 ‘s desktop and mouse features when it made the enterprise-focused technical preview available to download on October 1, and as expected, it offered very little in the way of new touch functionality. According to a new report, you might not have long to wait to see Windows 10′s tactile side and its consumer features.

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